Amid job losses and fears of ‘AI take-over’, more tech majors are joining Artificial Intelligence race

Amid warnings regarding its disastrous effect on the job market and “catastrophic” effects on the human race, the buzz is that more companies are joining the ongoing Artificial Intelligence race in the world. They include tech major Apple Inc which is said to be launching its own version of popular chatbot ChatGPT. According to reports, Apple, which recently “banned” employees from using OpenAI’s ChatGPT, is hiring for positions across machine learning and AI in the company.Though AI takeover (a hypothetical scenario in with AI becomes the dominant form of intelligence, controlling the planet as also the human species) is still a hypothetical scenario, experts are warning about data privacy, “centralisation of power in a handful of companies” and AGI (artificial general intelligence) “surpassing human cognitive ability”. After all, AI is also a popular theme in science fiction movies, highlighting benefits and dangers, including the possibility of machines taking over the world and the human race.According to the Twitter Bio of OpenAI—the AI research and deployment company which developed ChatGPT—their “mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity”. While those in favour of AI endorse the feeling, an equal number also advise caution, saying that those in power are not prepared for what may be coming.

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